lundi 4 avril 2011


Redirecting my blog to my website!
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Michelle a dit…

Utah...home of inbreds and incest, like MITT ROMNEY.
And maybe the DANES like that?
" Marce" and "'Dano" seem to be interested.
And so does Cher!
All are into French Fees with GE and the " Door" is OREGON'S OSIRIS?
With Guy and Nevada explosives?
" SS" is " deliberate" in it's choosing.
They choose " dummies".

Michelle a dit…

And they have the use of a " Florida Lab", at Florida U with labs also in LA.
That is what Cheryl Ladd is "inferring".

sheena a dit…

I enjoyed your post. It’s a lot like college – we should absorb everything we can but ultimately you need to take what you’ve learned and apply it.
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